Saturday, September 21, 2019

How I know there is a God #3 (Someone Is In Charge)

Look at me sitting there all pretty on my throne! Impressive! Right?


My dad used to tell me I could screw up a one car funeral. Dad was really delicate with the way he phrased his thoughts to his young son. But he was also right. I could do that. You don’t want me running the universe. Not unless you want to see a REEEAAALLYYY BIG ACCIDENT!

So it’s not me but someone’s got to be running this show. Come on. Think about it. If you wanted to create the first car would you put a dolphin in charge? Probably not. After you created a car maybe you decided you needed a nationwide network of highways. Would you assign the job to “Mrs. Phyllis’s Preschool” class to design it?  I mean, have you ever seen what preschoolers do with crayons and paper? Unless you’re their mom it’s not pretty. Are you going to put them in charge of the interstate highway system? I used to work at KMart back in my college days. At that point in time we still made signs for the store using rubber letters, red ink, and a roller. Computers were for NASA. One day I was carrying all of those letters … hundreds of them … and as I was going downstairs in the stockroom I tripped (that’s plausible) and tossed all the letters down the stairs. When I got down to the bottom … would you believe it … they fell in just the right order and created the signs for that weeks sales!  That’s amazing!  It’s also a lie! You and I both know that didn’t happen. You would NEVER believe me if I told you that story. You are much too smart for that!

So why are we so quick to believe that this magnificent world just happened. You’ve heard the story. It goes like this …… NOTHING + BOOM + TIME + MORE TIME + STILL MORE TIME + IBID + UNCONTROLLED EVOLUTION = LAND/SEA/AIR/NON-HUMAN LIVING CREATURES/SEVERAL BILLION HUMANS/THE GALAXIES IN PERFECT SPINNING ROTATING HARMONY/PIZZA (never forget pizza.)  Are you really buying into that?  Are you selling your brain that short?

Does it take more faith to believe all we see, and even all we can’t see but believe exists , just … happened? A billion coincidences in perfect order? Or does it take more faith to believe that somebody very smart, sitting on a very powerful and authoritative throne, created it on purpose because He wanted to?

I’m not as smart as He is. No throne for me!  But I am 100% convinced He’s there.  

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