Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How I Know There Is A God #4 (Getting down with gravity)

I have broken three bones in my life.  Two of those breaks were not my fault. Sure, I was running through the church chasing a kid while we were firing squirt guns at one another.  And yes, I hit a wet patch on the stairs and my feet shot out from under me.  I did rocket to the bottom landing,  where I lay moaning and dazed.  But that is exactly my point!  The culprit was GRAVITY.  Without gravity I would have caught that little sucker and he would have been so very sorry he messed with me. It is not my fault that four football players and a cheerleader had to carry me home because I couldn't walk or drive.  It turned out to be a broken elbow ... broken by g-r-a-v-i-t-y.  And then there was the time I took that nasty spill while downhill skiing.  Again ... not my fault.  That was the steepest bunny slope I have ever seen. And it was gravity that carried me to the bottom ... on my bottom ... with a busted shoulder.  The fact that I continued skiing for four more hours is a testament to my skill and finesse.

Gravity always wins.  Always. That is the way the world works. Shoot yourself off into space and you will find out you weigh virtually nothing.  And nothing will hold you down. You are free to roam about the universe.  You can swim effortlessly without water through the gravity-less emptiness of space. But even with a broken bone or two I am exceedingly grateful for gravity.  Those guys up there on that water tower across the street from my church this morning had to fight gravity to get up there.  Step after heavy step, they put great effort into climbing that puppy. When they finish their work they can look forward to a much easier descent. Why?  Gravity.  Yes sir.  It will push them right along and they will be surprised how much easier it is to go down that it was to go up.  Gravity keeps us rooted in place. It keeps us from pushing off from the planet and accidentally sky rocketing into the stratosphere and points beyond.  Wouldn't that be a mess?  Without gravity you just might sneeze and rocket yourself skyward without intent.  Home would be just a memory as you looked down at that little receding speck-of-a-planet while gliding effortlessly by Jupiter on the way to the edge of the solar system. Yes, gravity makes sneezing much safer.  Who knew? Ever wonder where you put you car keys? Without gravity it wouldn't matter where you put them.  They could be anywhere.  Literally .. anywhere. Without gravity rain wouldn't fall and you might actually drown from the moisture in the air.  (Okay, I made that up. But it might be true. I want it to be true.) Thank God for gravity!  Wait ... thank God?  God?  You mean gravity was designed by a powerful authoritative creator?  It didn't just happen because the earth spins around?  Well, yes and no.  Gravity is not a direct result of the earth spinning around but ... it affects gravity. Gravity is caused by mass. But before we get so deep into physics we all make a mess of our mass ... ask yourself this little question ... who put the spin on the earth?  Whoever spun the earth created gravity.  They work in sync with one another.   Don't you think?  I mean ... is it easier to believer that gravity just happened?  That the earth just started spinning?  Or is it easier to believe that someone caused it ... designed it ... set it into motion?  I think I know.  But I am not a gravity expert.  I am simply a gravity consumer.  You figure it out.

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