Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It's Written On The Sky

Is there a God?  Somethings are just too obvious.  At least they are obvious in my mind … which probably is not saying all that much.  (There is a lot of room for clutter up there.) But stick with me.  I am creating this little site for my own pleasure, not for yours.  I mean, the world is a hard place.  I have to keep reminding myself that things are not running all amok.  Things are not out of control.  Things are not heading toward the unknown. I have to look at the evidence and not at today's newsfeed.  Can we agree that if someone is in charge we are MUCH better off than if everything is random and all crap really is running downhill?

So I am showing myself the evidence.  And I am taking all of the time I need to do so.  And I am  beginning right here.   I begin with a question and the question will refer to six  pictures that I took last week in my own neighborhood and in the parking lot of a local grocery store.

Here is the question … Is it more difficult to believe that the subject in these photo's just happened (the product of chance) or that they were created?  No presuppositions.  No discussion.  Certainly no preaching.  We all get to make our own call...

Undramatic?  Anticlimatic?  Probably because my laptop screen does not make available all of the colors and hues that were actually up there in those clouds.

Make your own decision.  But I"m putting a "check mark" in the "For God" column.

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