Monday, October 14, 2019

How I Know There Is A God #6 (The rain in Michigan falls mainly on ... other people)

Debbie and I have been on vacation in “The U.P.”  That’s the upper peninsula of Michigan for you non-midwestern types. We really needed a break. It’s our “sabbath” from the world. And it has been cloudy and rainy every day since we arrived. This morning I asked God for a little favor. Sunshine. Not necessarily all day. Just enough to keep my dreary soul from going over the edge into some sort of dismal abyss. We decided to take a long drive. See the colorful fall leaves. We set off with clouds intact. And as we’re drove... they cleared. Oh, not everywhere. Just over US. All around us on all four sides in the distance we were surrounded by clouds and shafts of rain reaching the ground. We drove fifty miles and stopped for lunch in Paradise, Michigan. We gazed at the sunshine above us. We gazed at the rain out on the lake. We got in our car and drove back to our cabin. We opened the sun roof. (See the picture above.)  The sky was Cobalt blue in our little area. We stopped at a picnic table and watched the rain come down over Lake Superior. All the while we sat in bright sunshine. We finished the drive back and passed cabin, heading for a bakery five miles East toward Sault Ste Marie. Yep. Still sunny. Rain to our right. Rain to our left. Rain in front of us and rain behind us. After purchasing our goodies we started back to the cabin. The clouds closed in. And as we pulled into the driveway ... rain finally spattered on our windshield.

Chance? Happenstance? You’ll never convince me. As I sit in the Sun room and watch the clouds and rain fall in the backyard and over the lake I am convinced more than ever ... we have a good, good, Father.

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